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Want a Healthy Snack? Say “Yes” to This Bar (4/16/2014)

yesbarLooking for a healthy snack for the entire family? The Yes Bar is a snack that almost anyone can say “yes” to. They are paleo friendly, non GMO, dairy, gluten and soy free. Oh, and they taste great.

Founded by Abigail, a mom in Laurel Canyon whose son had dietary restrictions, the Yes Bar is now widely available throughout California and via multiple online channels. Just another example of a local food entrepreneur who created a product that became so popular with friends and family that it became a commercial success.

As Abigail notes on her website, “I collected all the healthy yummy foods I could find in my kitchen that were all naturally free of gluten, dairy, soy, and corn. I started with nuts and seeds. I added some honey and maple syrup, some pure vanilla bean powder, some cinnamon, some dried fruits, and coconut butter. I added hemp and chia for an extra dose of nutrition. And then I threw in dark chocolate, well, just because chocolate is awesome.  I experimented for months til these little portable yummies had just the right consistency.”

“From day one, even before they were perfect, my son loved them. My other son loved them. Our friends who came over loved them. My husband loved them. He started using them for his 50 mile bike rides. His cycling buddies wanted some. We brought them as snacks to birthday parties and other people wanted to buy them. We went to some local stores, and they loved them, and wanted to sell them. You get the picture.”

Yes Bar flavors include Macadamia Chocolate Chip and Coffee Cayenne and they are also available in mixed packs. Click here for store locations and a lost of online sources. 

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